Academic Summer Camp

School’s out but the fun is just beginning
at our Academic Summer Camp!

He told us yesterday that he wants to do it everyday until summer ends. He can't wait to get there each day. Cannot wait.”

Is there any chance (you don't need a break do you?!) that you would put together one more session in August? I bet it would sell out. Tomorrow is xxxxxx's last day as the following week we will be at a family vacation(although he has said he wants to stay home and do your camp!).

The world is so lucky to have people like you and your family in it!
-5th grade parent

At Renaissance Kids the concept of summer camp takes on a whole new meaning!

Ages 5-13

From 9am to 1pm, Monday through Friday, students are immersed in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Greek Mythology, Shakespeare, and Test-taking skills. Students love the warm, nurturing atmosphere that lets them exceed expectations and love learning. Students work in small groups that are usually divided between the older and younger kids. It's the perfect blend of fun and academics!

Year after year former Renaissance Kids' Summer Camp attendees return and recommend the program to their friends.

Session I 6/20 – 7/8 $2599
Monday – Friday 9AM – 1PM
Session II 7/11 – 7/29 $2599
Monday – Friday 9AM – 1PM

5% discount for siblings and registration forms received by March 31, 2016.

Each 3-week session is $2599

To keep the level of individual attention and the quality of instruction high, class sizes are limited to approximately 8 students.

Top reasons for sending your child to Academic Summer Camp:

  • Your child adores learning and needs to be in an environment that will challenge him or her.
  • You want your child to make great academic strides during the summer and our camp offers the best experience and the most “bang for your buck.”
  • You want your child to get a head start so that next year's academic curriculum will be a piece of cake.